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White Collar Boxing


There are many stories of how White Collar Boxing started. There’s the story about the two stockbrokers who got into a big argument over a position in the stock market. As it goes, a former amateur boxer working on the trading floor at the time suggested the two stockbrokers settle it in the ring. Long story short, both stockbrokers hired the best trainers in town because that’s what stockbrokers do! They trained for a few months and settled it in the ring. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most skilled display of the sweet science, but both stockbrokers got in the best shape of their lives and settled their differences. After a few bumps and bruises, they walked away with a sense of accomplishment and one hell of a story to tell their family and friends. This story happens to be untrue, but you get the picture!

The Real Fight Club Stamford

The Real Fight Club Stamford is a program that brings white-collar professionals and boxing enthusiasts who wouldn’t otherwise consider lacing up gloves and stepping into the square ring together to compete in an amazing dinner show/gala for two reasons:

1. To knock an important “TO DO” off their “Bucket List”!
2. More importantly, this program was started to raise money to support our RF Youth Boxing program.

Only four requirements are needed to join the Real Fight Club Stamford and compete in our annual White Collar Boxing show. You must deeply believe in yourself, commit to working harder every day, obtain a clean bill of health from your physician, and dedicate yourself to fighting for a cause that is greater than yourself.


The Real Fight Club Stamford has partnered with Revolution Training who has come up with a proven, well-structured program that has been preparing athletes to compete in the White Collar Boxing Show for ten years.

The Real Fight Club Stamford

$229 non-members
$100 members
30% off of Personal Training changes to 15% off

Membership to the Real Fight Club Stamford gets you access to all classes on the Revolution Training schedule including specialty classes for Real Fight Club Members Only.

Participants also get Real Fight Club Stamford t-shirts and vests (the night of the Fight). The Real Fight Club Stamford members also get 30% off of Personal Training if you decide you want an extra edge on your competition.

Note: Training at Revolution Training isn’t a requirement to compete in the White Collar Boxing 2K Boxing Show, but you do need proof of training which you will be required to post on your campaign (a minimum of 3 workouts a week).


The main goal of The Real Fight Club is to raise funds to support our Stamford adolescent community in the RF Youth Boxing Program. This is why each Participant will be set up with their own personal campaign to raise a goal of $2,000.

After you’ve set up your profile, you will be sent an email where you will put the link to your campaign in. Then you can share it with all of your family and friends, so they can follow and support you by contributing to your campaign.


The winner of each bout will be given a title belt. The belt is yours to keep forever, but the title is only yours for one year. In one year, you can defend the title if you choose. Or, you can forfeit it and let two new contenders compete for the title.

The boxer who raises the most money through ticket sales and donations will win a belt and a special surprise.


White Collar Boxing 2K, is a Dinner Show/ Gala where we will pull out all the stops to ensure you, your family, and friends have a night that you will remember for the rest of your life.


• An MC and DJ
• Live Singing of the National Anthem
• Gourmet buffet dinner
• Amazing speeches
• & Exciting Boxing Matches!

What are you waiting for?

Get the sweet science fundamentals specials for  $399

For $229

  • 3X45 Minute PVT Sessions
  • Goals Assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 2 Weeks of Unlimited High Intensity Focus Boxing & Strength Classes
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