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Best Exercises For Back Problems

While you have to do specific types of exercises for back problems, they do help. In fact, just walking can be one of the better exercises. Many of the clients in Stamford, CT who have back pain and still work out, say they do because it makes them feel better. It helps loosen the muscles and increases circulation to help injuries heal. Whether you have lower, mid or upper back pain, there are exercises you can do that help.

Upper back pain can be helped with stretching.

No matter where your back pain occurs, start your exercise session with a warm-up, like walking or cycling, before your stretching session. The stretches not only help boost circulation, but also loosen muscles and can immediately relieve some pain. Two types of stretches that can help relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain. Neck rolls, where you roll your head down, to one side, back and to the other, shoulder rolls, arm circles and an overhead stretch can be good for

Use a combination yoga pose for both mid back and lower back.

The cat-cow pose is a blessing if you have lower or mid back pain. You start on your hands and knees with your head down and back arched upward—the cat pose. Then move to the cow pose by raising your head and lowering your mid back until there’s a downward arch in your back. Slowly repeat the movement. For mid back and upper back, a seated angel is a good back exercise. Sit in a chair and let your go back into the chair until your head is arched backward. Raise your arms and stretch behind your body for a deep stretch.

Lower back pain can put you on the sidelines unless you move quickly to stop it.

If you feel minor pain in your lower back and have a history of severe back pain, don’t wait. Find an area where you can do a few exercises. While some of the best are done on the floor, some aren’t. Stand up with feet spread for stability. Put your hands on your hips with fingertips in the small part of the back. Bend backward, arching your back, until you feel the stretch, hold and return. If you have a place to lie, you’ll need a towel for this one. Roll up the towel holding one end in each hand to form a loop. Lay on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. Put one foot in the loop and raise that leg, gently using the towel to lift the leg higher. You should feel a stretch on the back of the thigh. Lower and do the other leg.

  • Just walking can be a big benefit if you have back pain. Walking increases circulation and helps loosen the muscles in the back. Make sure you use good posture as you walk.
  • Always check with your health care professional before starting any program of exercise. In most cases, exercise is good for back pain, but that’s not always the case. Make sure before you proceed.
  • Working on strengthening abdominal muscles can help prevent back pain in the future. The stronger your abdominal muscles, the less effort the back has to maintain your posture.
  • A simple exercise for back pain starts by laying on the back and pulling knees to chest, with your arms around your lower legs, holding. You can also extend your arms, holding your upper body flat to the floor, while lowering knees side to side in a twisting motion.

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