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The Benefits Of Resistance Bands

If you can’t always get to the gym in Stamford, CT, due to travel, schedule, or weather, you’ll find a lot of benefits for having resistance bands available as your home gym alternative. They provide an alternative to bodyweight exercises and don’t require an entire gym in your home. If you want an alternative to weights or bodyweight workouts, give resistance bands a try. They’re so inexpensive that if you don’t like them, you can pack them away for just emergency use without feeling guilty.

Resistance bands don’t require an entire room.

These easy-to-store muscle-building giants can be put in a drawer when not in use. They’re easy to pack so you can take them on vacation and workout in your hotel room if there’s no gym. Best of all, resistance bands are inexpensive. They cost less than weights do. You can buy a whole set that includes different resistance levels for the same price as two dumbbells, so they offer more versatility for less money.

You can use resistance bands for more than just strength training.

Resistance bands are also good for flexibility training and warming up. Nineteen studies were included in a meta-analysis that had a total of 649 subjects. Using resistance bands helped athletes warm up, improving their performance. It aided seniors by improving flexibility as well as balance. That helps reduce accidents that can lead to a long recovery and decline in health.

They keep muscles under tension longer.

Using resistance bands in conjunction with bodyweight exercises can boost the benefits you’d otherwise get from the exercise. It can challenge the muscle during all parts of the movement, both during the lengthening and shortening of the muscle. They make your body work harder, so you’ll make faster progress. You can work muscles on all planes, too. The increased resistance on all planes comes from the pull of the bands, not from gravity like dumbbells.

  • If you have a latex allergy, be more careful when purchasing resistance bands. Shop for the non-latex versions. Always check bands before each use to ensure there are no nicks and tears.
  • Resistance bands are excellent for functional fitness training, especially for seniors or people recovering from an accident or illness. You can use them seated, lying down, or standing.
  • The wide variety of resistance in one set of bands allows you to improve your strength gradually at a minimal cost. One set of bands provides workouts for various resistance levels, from the lowest resistance to ones with a lot of resistance.
  • If you’re using resistance bands as an alternative to the gym occasionally, talk to one of the trainers to get help using them. The trainer can help with exercises and movements for different muscle groups.

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