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The Benefits Of Working Out With A Partner

If you’ve ever changed your plans to workout just because you didn’t feel like it, you’ll appreciate the benefits of working out with a partner. At Revolution Training in Stamford, CT, classmates often become friends and eventually become training partners. One of the benefits is that it boosts motivation to attend classes and stick with a workout program. You know someone is waiting for you to train, so it’s similar to having an appointment, making you more likely to go.

A partner not only holds you accountable for showing up but also for maximizing your workout.

If you’re working out alone, you may not keep your appointment with the gym, and nobody is the wiser. If you go, you could spend a few minutes or several hours and still get nothing accomplished. There are many ways to goof off at any gym without getting any exercise. Talking to others, walking around, or just doing a few exercises without breaking a sweat and quitting can be a waste of time. If you have a workout partner, you’ll be more motivated to do your best, since someone else knows what you’re doing.

A workout buddy might not be in the same room as you.

A study was completed to see if checking with someone made a difference in the effort and consistency of their exercise program. In the study, one group had to report their exercise progress every two weeks by phone. The control group didn’t have to respond to anyone but just exercised. When the study was complete, it showed those who had to call someone had a 78% increased chance of completing their exercise program. A buddy program is similar but has better results.

You’ll push yourself a little harder and be safer when you have a workout buddy.

Nobody wants to be a slacker and most people love to win. When you’re working out with someone else, it can turn into a friendly competition. If your buddy does one more set than you do, you’ll probably opt to do one more to match that success. If you’re lifting weights having someone to spot you is important. A workout buddy can also watch you and make sure your form is correct to avoid injury and maximize the benefits.

  • If your workout includes running or jogging, a workout partner can make it safer. When people run together, if there’s a medical issue, there’s always someone to help. If there are two people, the chances of getting assaulted reduces.
  • Workout partners can do more than just share workouts, they can share healthy eating hints and recipes, plus provide support when you want to quit or feel defeated.
  • You’ll try more new exercises when you have a workout partner and share your knowledge. You’ll find ways to vary your workout and try more difficult workouts when you have a partner.
  • Working out with a friend can make exercising more fun. It helps prevent boredom and makes it more social so you’ll be more excited about exercising. It’s why classes are more fun than working out alone.

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