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Effective Workouts To Lose Back Fat Quickly

Most of the articles on workouts focus on building big muscles, flattening your belly or tightening your booty. Just a few address the issue of back fat, which can be uncomfortably unsightly, especially in swimwear. If you want to get ready for the coming summer season, start now with these exercises and aids that can help you look fabulous in a swimsuit next summer.

Start with a healthy diet.

You can simply exercise away back fat without lowering your calorie intake. You have to lose weight or change the composition of your body. Reducing your caloric intake doesn’t have to be hard. You simply have to eat healthier. It will help you take weight off and keep it off permanently. Cut out highly processed food and food with added sugar and focus on eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat. As you lose weight, it will come off all over your body, including your back.

Tone your core muscles.

Your core muscles are your abs, mid and lower back, with some of the shoulders, hip and neck. Work on core muscles, but also focus mostly on the upper, mid and lower back. Exercises for the upper and mid back involve pushing and pulling. Pull ups, push-ups, planks and side twists are just a few of the exercises that will help strengthen and tone the back. When you do planks, there are a variety of modifications you can do to work all the muscles in the back. Try doing a side plank, forearm and full extension.

Lower back muscles can be toned with an exercise that also works the abs.

If you’ve spent much time in the gym, you’ve probably heard of the Superman. Lay on your stomach with your hands in front stretched out and feet slightly apart. You’ll look like Superman as he flies through the skies. Lift your hands and feet off the ground about five to six inches and hold the position. For advanced workouts, lift your entire upper and lower body off the floor, balancing on your belly.

  • Let circuit training help tone and strengthen back muscles. Combine several back exercises into a circuit and do one set of each with minimal rest between exercises. Rest slightly and repeat.
  • For faster results, use weights when you workout. Adding weight to your exercise helps sculpt and tone the muscles faster.
  • Try a chair dip. Sit with your hands on the sides of the chair and legs extended, feet touching the floor. Scoot your bottom forward and while holding the chair seat, slowly lower your bottom toward the floor and raise it again.
  • Traditional exercises that are perfect for tightening the back muscles and sculpting the body include push-ups, barbell and dumbbell lifts and air boxing.

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