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Exercises You Should Start Doing Regularly

Regular exercise can help optimize health. You should do some form of exercise daily, even if it’s just going for a walk. There are so many different exercises, it’s hard to decide which ones to do. Our trainers can help you, but if you’re working out on your own, here are some exercises you should start doing regularly. To get an adequate workout, you need to add other exercises to your workout, so these are just a baseline to follow.

Work the large muscles of your body to boost your nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, which lowers your blood pressure. You can increase it in your body with exercise, particularly from large muscle groups. Squats and lunges work large muscles. Squats also improve core and lower body strength, while building flexibility in the hips. Lunges help improve your balance and improve glute and leg muscles. Both burn tons of calories.

Do planks, push-ups, or both.

Push-ups are planks in motion, and also a lot harder to do since you’re slowly lowering and lifting your body, using both push and pull actions. Both push-ups and planks help build core muscles, particularly abdominal muscles. They both strengthen the entire body. Planks don’t put stress on the back but do help increase core muscle strength. You can modify both planks and push-ups to make them more suitable for your fitness level, such as bent knee push-ups or forearm planks.

Do a bridge or thoracic rotation to loosen your back and prevent future back issues.

The bridge helps build core muscles and doing them regularly can help prevent back pain and tighten your tummy. Thoracic rotations are stretches and also good exercises to help relax and strengthen muscles in the back, but focus more on the upper back. Both can help counter the effect that slouching has on your posture by stretching the muscles that have been trained to remain in a permanent slump through years of sitting and bad posture.

  • A stretch that will make everyone feel good is the knee or knees-to-chest exercise. Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the mat. Pull one or both knees to your chest by interlacing fingers around the lower leg or legs and pulling it toward you.
  • A wall slide will help your posture, which helps relieve the pain that comes from sitting too long slumped over. Stand against a wall with your hips and shoulders touching. Raise your arms in a V and then slowly lower them to a goal post without lifting your back off the wall.
  • Walking is a good type of exercise to do every day and it doesn’t require special equipment or much planning. You have to have good posture for it to be the most effective and can find easy ways to add to the amount of time you walk every day.
  • A four-minute nitric oxide dump combines four exercises performed ten times each per set, squats, alternating arm raises, non-jumping jumping jacks, and military presses. Do three sets of each three or four times throughout the day.

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