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Is It Possible To Crave Healthy Food?

There is junk food available everywhere in Stamford, CT. Even gas stations offer it. Some people blame their weight gain on the inability to overcome their cravings for that type of food. You don’t have to gain weight or worry about addiction to unhealthy food. You can change your taste in food and learn to crave healthy food. There are hurdles you have to cross to reach that point. The first is eliminating food with added sugar. Sugar is addictive. It fills the opioid receptors in the brain and triggers dopamine that makes you feel good.

Start slowly by giving up food with added sugar.

The first few weeks will be the most difficult since sugar is in almost every processed food. You only have to give up the food with added sugar and can still consume whole food like fruit. As your body adjusts to the decreased sugar, your sense of taste improves. Whole food tastes better, and fruit tastes sweeter.

Build a new relationship with food.

Some foods are associated with memories. Most unhealthy food is associated with happy memories. The sweet taste of birthday cake, that special treat at the fast food joint, and a candy bar from grandma for being good are examples. You can build new memories and use healthy food as a reward. Find a healthy food or foods you especially enjoy. Reward yourself with those foods. If you’re sad and need an emotional fix from food, find a healthy option. You can add an extra ingredient to make it healthier, such as including butternut squash in your mac and cheese or switch unhealthy options for healthier ones. Making frozen banana ice cream only requires you to freeze banana rounds and then blend them until they’re creamy. It’s a lot healthier than ice cream and still comforting.

Stick with a healthy eating program and see how you feel.

You may not notice feeling better when you eat healthy, but if you fall off the wagon and binge on junk food, you’ll certainly notice the difference. Eating only junk food can leave you feeling horrible. It’s a surefire way to get your body and your mind to crave healthy food. Studies show that before eating a healthy diet, brain scans indicated a positive reaction to junk food, but after a few months of a healthy diet, the healthy food triggered that reaction, not the unhealthy food.

  • Taste your food. That may sound strange, but too often people shovel food in their mouth and don’t bother to enjoy it. Eat slowly and savor every bit, focusing on the texture, taste, and satisfaction you get when you eat it.
  • Keep a food diary and write down your emotions when you crave unhealthy food. You can use that information to find healthier alternatives. Crunchy food is often associated with anger or frustration, while soft food, like potatoes, is comfort food.
  • Eat slowly and identify the point where you feel full. When you chew food longer, you eat slower. It gives your body a chance to tell your brain it’s full.
  • It takes time to change your preferences for certain foods. If you have one specific unhealthy food you often crave, focus on giving it up. After a while, you won’t crave it and if you do, you probably won’t get the satisfaction you expected. ds if you’re still hungry.

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