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The Health Benefits Of Artichokes

If farmers didn’t pick the artichoke to send to market, it would develop into a beautiful purple flower, similar to the flower on a thistle. It looks like a thistle because it is a member of the thistle family. However, most people would be reluctant to eat the common thistle, even though every part is edible. If you eat artichokes, you’ll reap a lot of health benefits. You can eat them raw, as long as you remove the thorny tips, or cooked. When raw, they taste like a cross between celery and asparagus, but change when cooked to the taste of a potato.

Eating artichokes can improve heart health.

Artichokes can benefit heart health in several ways. The leaves contain a phytochemical that can lower the LDL—bad—cholesterol and boost the good cholesterol. That can help prevent the build-up of fat in the arteries that can block the flow of blood and lead to a stroke or heart attack. Artichokes are also a good source of potassium, which can counteract excess sodium that is known to make blood pressure increase. Many nutritionists suggest artichokes as part of a diabetic diet, since diabetes may add additional complications to high blood pressure.

Artichokes can help improve liver health.

Historically, there were many tonics that were the only form of pharmaceuticals used and an artichoke tonic was one of those. It was used as a liver tonic for hundreds of years, even though the science behind that wasn’t yet understood. Artichokes contain many antioxidants, but the two that are known to help the liver are cynarin and silymarin. They not only help eliminate toxins but may promote repair and regrowth of damaged liver cells.

Can eating artichokes make you smarter?

One thing is certain, if you know how to eat artichokes, you’ll look more sophisticated and in the know. However, eating them may also be beneficial for brain health. Artichokes act like a vasodilator, making blood vessels open wider and lowering blood pressure. It also helps get more oxygen to the brain, since blood can flow more freely. The phosphorous in artichokes can also improve the brain, since it’s known that phosphorous deficiency can cause mental decline.

  • If you’re worried about bone density, eating artichokes may benefit you. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, which may help in maintaining bone health.
  • The magnesium and manganese in artichokes can boost your metabolic process. Artichokes contain significant amounts. Manganese has an effect on the metabolic rate of amino acids, carbs and cholesterol.
  • Artichokes contain high amounts of folate, which can help prevent neural tube birth defects in newborns. Folic acid is necessary for the neural tubes to close properly.
  • If you’re looking for a cure for hangovers, try a few artichokes. Since it’s good as a liver cleanser, it might help eliminate toxins more quickly. The fiber in the artichokes can help with another type of elimination of waste.

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