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Why You Should Put Yourself First This Year

Why is it important to put yourself first when it comes to fitness? If you’re not healthy, nobody will be there to do the important things you do for others. Taking care of your health is similar to putting on your oxygen mask before you attend to children. It helps you stay alert so you can ensure they get the mask fitted properly onto the child. Also, if you put the child’s mask on first, he or she can’t fit your mask on you if you pass out. Self-care isn’t being selfish. You have to do it for yourself since nobody else can do it for you.

While thinking of others first is considered noble, you deserve the same respect.

If you don’t value yourself, who will value you? People take a cue from you on how to treat you. If you’re last on the list of importance, others will also treat you that way. When you take care of your needs, you not only show the world you’re important, too, you also have a more even temperament. Feeling good about yourself allows you to feel good about others and help put an end to moody days.

You’ll prevent burdening others with your illness.

If you’re overworked, stressed out, and out of shape, it’s a perfect scenario for illness. When you’re sick, it can affect the lives of others. There’s nobody to take care of them and often they become responsible for taking care of you. If you truly care about the people you love, you’ll take care of your emotional and physical needs. Doing that ensures you have the good health, mindset and energy to be the best partner, mother or friend you can be.

Lack of self-care can lead to making mistakes.

Everyone has had brain drain at one time or another. It often happens when you’re not getting enough sleep and running on empty. Self-care includes not only eating healthily and getting exercise, but also getting adequate sleep. When you exercise, you boost your mental clarity, increase your energy and even sleep sounder. It can help you improve your overall performance, get things done faster and in a safer, more accurate manner.

  • Take time first to take care of yourself, even if you have a busy schedule. As with your auto, it’s better to do the maintenance work for a short time every day, than to spend hours at the doctor’s doing repairs.
  • When you’re mentally and physically exhausted, your outlook on life suffers. Be the best you possible, which means be your happiest self. You can’t do that unless you’re healthy and fit. It will make every day better.
  • Being fit can help you finish the day with energy to spare. It makes you a better partner, friend and parent. When you have energy, you’ll be more apt to have a smile on your face and do more for your family and friends.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on making yourself first. Just carve out a time every day to workout and do something for yourself. Make that time an appointment with your future happiness.

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